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We need to speak of the dead.
We need to speak for the dead, for they cannot speak for themselves. There are things they would want to say to us, if only they could talk. But, surely, they cannot. No longer can we walk into the next room, and find them standing there as they did in life, and hear what they have to say.
They are gone.
Yet, they linger.

So it is with this girl who’s gone now.
Her name, when they still said it aloud, was Isobel.

1963. It's a year since the death of a girl at a prestigious private school in Massachusetts; but although she's gone, her presence still remains, affecting everyone who knew her. Killing the dead is very hard to do...

Killing the Dead is the ‘missing’ fifth part of The Ghosts of Heaven. It can be read as part of that sequence, but equally can be read as a stand alone novella. Originally published in the UK for World Book Day 2015, it is sadly, for the time being, otherwise only available here.

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