Blood red, snow white

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Fairy tale, spy thriller, love story, set in the Russian Revolution.

Blood Red, Snow White tells the incredible true story of Arthur Ransome. Later famous as the author of classic British children’s book series, Swallows and Amazons, this is Ransome’s own adventure.

Based on his experiences during his time in Moscow and St Petersburg as revolution broke out around him in 1917, Blood Red, Snow White tells an incredible true story: becoming first a British agent and then a Bolshevik informer, Ransome’s most dangerous mission came when he fell in love with Trotsky’s private secretary, and had to cross enemy lines to rescue her...

Starred review - BCCB
Starred review - Booklist
Starred review - VOYA

"Sedgwick’s at it again with another novel pushing YA boundaries."


"a work of remarkable insight"

Bulletin of the Centre for Children's Books


The Horn Book

"Blood Red Snow White is the perfect example of fairy tale meets suspense thriller, with added romance."


Spellbinding! Master storyteller, Marcus Sedgwick, weaves his enchanting story from the glittering threads of history, folklore and imagination. 
Where does one start and the other begin? Who knows? 
I was totally absorbed by from first page to last. Quite simply one of the most accomplished novels I have read in recent years.

Write Away!

This is Marcus' best yet. It's hard to know where history ends and imagination begins
 as he weaves three stories into one and vividly brings to life an extraordinary time in Russia's history.

Wendy Cooling, founder of Bookstart UK

This book picked up a lovely blog review when it first came out in the UK. If you recognise the vlogger, this is Rosianna Halse Rojas, these days better known as @papertimelady.

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A review of Blood Red Snow White by @papertimelady
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